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Wired--ICAA Creative New Wave Round Table Meeting was successfully held at Wangjing SOHO

Wired -- ICAA Creative New Wave Round Table Meeting was held at Wangjing SOHO on the afternoon of Nov. 22. , which was the first open academic exchange since the foundation of ICAA. It attracts wide attention from the whole world.
Wired -- ICAA Creative New Wave Round Table Meeting was held at Wangjing SOHO on the afternoon of Nov. 22. , which was the first open academic exchange since the foundation of ICAA. It attracts wide attention from the whole world.
ICAA (International Creative Arts Alliance) was a non-profit social group co-founded by those top elites and experts in the field of art, design and creative industry, which was approved by Hong Kong Government in Jul, 2015. ICAA is to set up an open and innovative platform for the cooperation among different fields (art, design and creative industry), which undertakes the responsibility to spread advanced ideas and culture all over the world. Depending on new technologies, ICAA will set up an energetic elite organization mode and information exchange system; ICAA will also strengthen and push forward the cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary exchange and cooperation; ICAA hopes to play a leading role in art creations and benefit the development of creative economy.
ICAA has some core members, including David Grossman (chairman of International Design Council, the ex-chairman of AGI), Yu Ding (dean of CAFA Art Management and Education School), Dalia Gallico (dean of School of Architecture and Design, Raphael University, chief art design of Royal Palace), Wang Min (dean of CAFA Design School, chief art design of image and landscape of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games), Huang Jiancheng (vice dean of CAFA Urban Design School, chief design director of China Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai Expo), Ning Ying (a world-known director, a pioneer in Chinese urban films), Hasegawa Akira (a famous visual art master in Japan), Luca Fois (the signed professor of Politecnico di Milano, one of the major founders of Fashion Week in Zona Tortona), Han Jiaying (a famous designer in China, the founder of Han Jiaying Design Co., Ltd.), Qu Guangci ( a famous artist in China and the founder of “X+Q”). They all attended the round table meeting for discussion.
All attendees
(From the left) Yu Ding, Hasegawa Akira, Luca Fois, David Grossman, Dalia Gallico, Han Jiaying, Wang Min, Huang Jiancheng, Qu Guangci, Hu Xueqin
At the beginning of this meeting, Hu Xue Qin (the round table meeting host, deputy director of CAFA Urban Visual Culture Research Center and the director of Creative Transmission Research Center) introduced the establishment of ICAA and the first international council meeting, as well as the topics to be discussed on the round table meeting. Then, David Grossman, Dalia Gallico, Wang Min, Yu Ding and Huang Jianchen made lectures about their undergoing projects and achievemnts. In the lecture, David Grossman, from the view of observers, talked about the current development and future development of art design education; Yu Ding pointed out that being creative will become the major direction for the future development under the background of globalization, he also presented his own ideas on how to push forward the development of creation education; Dalia Gallico made a lecture about the role played by fashion and art design in the development of current education; Wang Min, focusing on the topic “design changes future”, talked about the design development from the angle of industrial revolution; he proposed that new energy, green design and environmental-protection shall be melted into the design education; Mr. Huang Jiancheng, taking Fantastic Art Design as the example, emphasized that there would be a trend of cross-boundary cooperation. At the time of discussion, concentrating on the two topics “art, innovation and social creation”, “future of art creative education and cultivation of creative talents”, the five masters discussed the trend that globalization would lead to a cross-boundary resource integration ;they said that creative industry would play an important role in pushing forward the development of social development.
Ms. Hu Xueqin, the host
Mr. Huang Jiancheng, Dalia Gallico, Mr. Wang Min and David Grossman are discussing
Mr. Yuding
On the second half meeting, Hasegawa Akira, LucaFois, Han Jiaying, Qu Guangci and Ning Ying made a theme introduce on their own researches and shared their achievements. Hasegawa Akira introduced the ideology of DK; Luca Fois came up with the idea that human activities and living environment shall be liberated by innovations and culture; Han Jiaying introduced his cases for the restructure of brand and visualization; Qu Guangci introduced his and Xiang Jing’s art ideology by “X+Q” -- the traditions of contemporary art shall be broken and introduce contemporary artworks into our lives; Ning Ying, from the angle of film, talked about his experiment “image creation”, talked about the necessity of cross-border of art creation. At the round table forum, the five masters and other guests had a hot discussion based on the theme “art, creation and daily life”.
Luca Fois, Hasegawa Akira and Mr. Qu Guangci are discussing
Mr. Han Jiaying and Ms. Ning Ying

At the end of the meeting, Hasegawa Akira, a famous visual art in Japan, made a fantastic DK visual art performance for all the attendees and audiences. The fancy lighting art provided the audiences with a fantastic experience, all audiences were greatly impressed and excited.
Hasegawa Akira is presenting DK visual art
The 1st Wired-ICAA Creative New Wave Round Table Meeting was successfully ended by great praise from the audiences. Being as the first show since ICAA’s foundation, we sincerely hope that ICAA can give us more surprises for the resource integration and resource perfection in the field of cultural creation industry.
Wired-ICAA Creative New Wave Round Table Meeting and all attendees

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