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Dean,professor,doctoral supervisor of the School of Design of China Academy of Art.China's top fashion designer.the member of the First International Council of ICAA,the Vice President of China Fashion Association.the Member of the China Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art.the President of Zhejiang Association of Creative Design.Fields of expertise include dyeing and weaving,fashion design,studies on fashion trends,studies on the modern interpretation of the Traditional Chinese culture.


Being in the teaching profession for 31 years,Professor Wu has always been in search for modern interpretations of traditional Chinese culture and Chinese national spirit,taking it as the very foundation of her teaching.She is always on the look out for new trends in fashion design,regarded by her as the cornerstone of the education,industry and the brand development.She not only studies but also practices,the role model for many to come.
She is a renowned designer,and also a respected teacher,with a sense of responsibility and in the pursuit of ideals.She is a director,and also a strategist.She pinpoints problems and comes up with answers.She designs and upholds the rules around the campus for better education.She provides customised consultancy for many established brands and companies.She promotes the design brand Oriental Land onto the international arena,speaking for the literati culture in Hangzhou,Zhejiang as well as China.

Nostalgia for the Primitive,1992,the first prize for the 1st National Fashion Design Competition.


Time for Great Prosperity,1993, the only golden prize for the 1st China International Young Fashion Designer Competition.


China's Top Ten Fashion Designers,1995.


Invited to the Asian Power Fashion Collection of the Fashion Week Tokyo, 1996, as the only fashion designer representing mainland China.


China's Top Ten Fashion Designers for the second consecutive year,1997.


Evolution,her solo fashion showcase in Beijing,1997.


Excellent Expert of the Ministry of Culture,1998.


Designed the costume for the wife of the President of the Republic of Korea Kim Dae-jung, at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the State Council,1999.


Transition,1999,The Golden Award for the 9th National Fine Arts Exhibition in the category of Design and Arts.


Discipline Leader of higher learning institutions of Zhejiang Province,2001.


The one and only Jinding Award,the highest award for China fashion designers,in 2001.


Presided over the research project Fashion Trend of China in 2001,which won the Second Prize of the Outstanding Achievements of Higher Education Institutions in Zhejiang Province.


Eastern Silk Country,Oct 2001,her solo fashion showcase at the bank of the celebrated West Lake of Hangzhou..


Viewpoint 2002,Nov.2001,her solo fashion showcase in Beijing 798 Art Zone (Formerly the 706).


Invited to the Moet & Chandon's Tribute to Asian Fashion Designers 2002,Hong Kong,Oct.2002,as the only fashion designer representing China.


Designed the indoor and outdoor outfits for state leaders at the Boao Forum for Asia in 2003,at the invitation of the Organising Committee.


Selected by the China Fashion Association to represent Chinese fashion at the Galeries Lafayette in Feb.2003.


National model teacher,2004.


Participated in the renowned fashion designers showcase during the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week,May,2004,at the invitation of The Star,a newspaper in Malaysia.


The Oneness of Man and Nature,her solo fashion showcase as the top fashion designer from China,during the Year of Chinese Culture in France,July 2004.


The exhibition of her textile designs that revives the traditional Chinese culture at the Maison&Objet,Paris,2004.


Outstanding Achievement Award of the 5th Zhejiang Lu Xun Literature & Art Award,2004.


The Outstanding Contribution Award of the China Home Textiles Design Competition,2004,awarded by the China Home Textile Association.


Recognised Experts by the propaganda and culture organs in Zhejiang Province,2005.


Outstanding Teacher Award for Institutions of Higher Learning of Zhejiang Province,2006.


Chapter Two of Eastern Silk Country:Hefang Under the Heaven,the solo fashion showcase at Hefang Silk Culture Festival,Hangzhou,China,Oct.2006.


Chapter Two of Eastern Silk Country: Hefang Under the Heaven


Participated in the Sino~German Fashion Show at China Time 2006 , Hamburg,at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of the Hamburg Municipal Government,Germany.


Designated Top Ten Designers,by the fashion industry of China,2007.


The review and integrated design of the formal outfits of China's athletes at Olympics,at the invitation of the State General Administration of Sports,2007.


Breathing Chinese Garden:From Fantasy to Reality,gallery exhibition at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden,June 2008.


The lead author of the article the Innovation and Practice in the Pluralist Teaching of Fashion Design,2009,which won the first prize of the 6th Teaching Achievement Award of Higher Education Institutions of Zhejiang Province.


The review and integrated design of uniforms for volunteers at World Expo Shanghai,at the invitation of the Organising Committee,2010.


Mao to Now:Chinese fashion from 1949 to the present,the fashion exhibition at University of Minnesota, from Oct.2,2010 to Jan.7,2011.


Received Special Government Allowances of the State Council,2011.


Chinese Cheongsam Show in Beijing and Hangzhou,2012,at the invitation of China Silk Museum.


Award for Artists for Virtue and Artistic Achievements of the Zhejiang Province, 2012.


Participated in the fashion show 14 Years As Jinding AwardWinning Designers,of the China Fashion Week 2012.


14 Years As Jinding Award-Winning Designers


Most Influential Fashion Designers of Asia,named by the China New Silk Road of Anhui TV,2012.


Angle,at China Design Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Shenzhen Municipal Government,2012.




Angle,solo exhibition at the invitation of China Silk Museum,April 2013.


Shengmai at the Best Designs Exhibition for Masters,China Academy of Art,Hangzhou Culture and Creativity Exposition,Oct.2014.


The Five Elements,gallery exhibition for three months,at the invitation of the Museum of World Religions in Taiwan,Oct.2014.


Member of the Discipline Appraisal Panel of the of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council,Dec.2014.


Participated in The China Dream:Contemporary Fashion Design of China,at the invitation of the Shanghai Textile and Dress Museum of Donghua University,from April to May,2015.

Chapter Three of Eastern Silk Country,fashion showcase at ITALY FLORENCE INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK,Aug.29,2015.





Shengmai,fashion showcase at Ningbo International Fashion Festival,Oct. 2015.


Participated in the Chinese Fashion:World Ceremonial Culture Festival 2015, at the invitation of World Etiquette Couture Cultural Center,awarded the title Master of Chinese Fashion,Oct.2015.


World Ceremonial Culture Festival 2015


World Ceremonial Culture Festival 2015


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